In the next couple of days I will post up hotel, bed & breakfast, lodging data ect. ect.

The class dates will be Sept 30th - Oct 5th

Sept 30th - Oct 2nd are considered "prep days"

Sept 30th

is a prep day ... if prep is all ready completed then I will start to carve other areas not covered in the class

Oct 1st

is also a prep day ... and may include other elements of design

These first two days may also be prep for Mike Vernelsons class

October 2nd

Final day on prep for class 

October 3rd

Sculpting the areas designed for effect

October 4th

Sculpting the areas of design for effect

October 5th

Paint & Stain day

We will try to accomplish as many things as possible including sections outside for hands on sculpting.  These areas can be shot with a vertical mix and designed by the students with oversight.  The goal is that everyone who comes to the class will actually design and carve their own area on the out side wall.

This wall will ultimately be covered with dirt and soil :) so who cares right ..... but I want people to be able to get some real correction and tips while they are holding the trowel.

Tools and mix will be provided.

I will hold a webinar with some more details on this class.

Cost for the class will $795

Class participants will also receive a year subscription to the Vertical Artisans Subscription site and all upgrades forthcoming.   If you are a current member and you attend this will also extend your membership.

Mike Vernelsons Class may be the week before  or two weeks after and thats a class you will not want to miss.  More on that later.

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