Dion here, I am wanting to know where all those attending the class are staying? I was talking with Nolan today and he mentioned that there were a couple people staying on site in a camp trailer or tent. I know there are going to be a lot of great times and knowledge exchanged, that will not be part of the class. Trust me part of the fun is the BS sessions after hours. Doesn't matter if you are in Vegas, Chicago, Nebraska, Oregon, etc. these classes are awesome and the individuals who attend usually are like minded people. Lol, and I emphasize usually!

So I want to hear who is staying on site and who are in which hotels? I want to know where the freakin party is going to be? Haha

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Hello Dion.

Bob Merrill will be trailer camping on site. I also expect we will be hearing from Bill Foster at SpiderLath.

I will be stocking the home with plenty of fire wood for the camp fire. Of course no good camp fire can happen without smores! The kids already have their roasting sticks out there and ready.

All my best,


12 days and counting! I guess I better figure out where the two of us are going to stay.......
I thought about camping on site, but a hotel is sounding real nice for that long of a stay.

I know weather pattens in Oregon are unpredictable. Rain is October is normal. Tyler and I are getting Hotel some where not sure where yet, but will update when we know.

Hello Everyone,

The guests have started arriving for the fun!

Scott Armstrong gets the prize as first to say hello. He caught me taking as cat nap as the dust was clearing from teh sand blasting.

Richard Batey has made it to the Super 8 in Creswell.  That may be a place to check out.

Dion, The weather report says nice weather for at least 7 days. Scott Armstrong has already set up a very nice camp.

See you all soon,


Hey hey, after an 8 1/2 hr ride on our dual sports................. We are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing ride through the trees and (small) mountains of Western Oregon! I am looking forward to scouring the area on my bike for the next 11 ddays! Oh yeh and the class too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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