I thought you might enjoy some photos of a project that I recently completed for California Pizza Kitchen.

I am in the final stages of producing a instructional video of this project. I am very proud of this particular project in that I fabricated it all in my shop here in Oregon; then took it to California and installed it completely in under seven hours. The completion was so quick due the technology advances using my new interlocking fractured rock panel system.

I've attached two shop photos of the project that I built in my shop in Oregon for California Pizza Kitchens in L.A. I also included seven onsite photos as well for your review.

This project is a 12-ft tall by eight foot long by five foot wide fractured rock column that is installed to cover an existing concrete column on the fifth floor of their corporate headquarters. The rock column was solely designed and built to provide a place to mount 24 removable employee award rocks. In these photos the 24 non plaque rocks are in place and as CPK awards an employee with a rock award then CPK replaces one of the non plaque rock with an identical replacement rock that has a cutout for a name plague to be mounted into the surface of the rock, then the plaque rock is re installed onto the rock column. I have never dealt with putting award rocks nor so many award rocks onto one of my projects before but I give the customer what they want. All design aspects were given to me on this project from CPK…I did what I could to create a natural rock formation and at the end of the project everyone at CPK is pleased.

The total onsite installation took seven hours, but it took more time unstrap/uncover/unload the rock from the truck and trailer, unpackaged the rock and to get the individual 12 interlocking sections of rock along with the tools, scaffolding and the custom built electric high lift up the 5’ x7’ service elevator (21 trips) than it took to actually install the rock column. We also had to clean up and take all the tools, scaffolding and the high lift down the 5’ x 7’ service elevator (8 trips) and load and secure it all back in the truck and trailer.

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