There has been an increase recently in the number of people putting “man caves” in their residences. A man cave is a room wholly committed to the male head of the household, a sanctuary for the male to relax and refresh away from stylish sofas and pourris. It's not the worst move for residence values either, as it may add just a little more to the bottom line comes time to sell the house. Article source: Putting in a man cave will not necessarily hurt home value

Man cave gets more attention

People are more likely to buy your home when it is dull and ordinary than when it has unique and distinctive benefits with it.

Increasingly more people are starting to create “man cave” rooms committed solely to a male occupant of the home. He can do whatever he wants in that room.

Adding a man cave can actually add value to your residence now, regardless of the truth that many people think it is juvenile. You can make the room whatever you want. Men can add in poker tables for their weekly game or a bar if they want a drink. They can put in a massive Television for all the games or just have some music equipment. No matter what it is, it might be a good idea.

Growing niche

As long as decorations are not “too specific” in the man cave, it may help resell the home at a higher value, according to University of Alabama at Birmingham professor Dr. Stephanie Rauterkus. Couples trying to find a man cave already there or to build one in their new home are much more likely to buy one that already had a man cave in it. Four times as many men as women need an additional room for entertainment, according to a 2009 Coldwell Banker survey.

Doing it correct

According to some responses from Realtors on real estate site Trulia, transforming a basement room into a man cave, at the very least, will not hurt the resale value of the home if it's put to that use.

Many people use personal loans to fund a renovation

Make sure you always have the ability to turn whatever valuable room you use for the man cave back into its original room. Bedrooms and garages are important areas in your home that add value, according to These have to be able to be turned back into bedrooms if needed, although there is no issue in using them for man caves as long as they have that ability.

Other reasons for cave

Having a man cave will not damage your home’s value, so why? Not only is it good for the residence, it is also great for the family. The men need a place where they can go sometimes and feel comfortable doing whatever they need. The whole family might be able to enjoy the man cave. It is ideal for many people to have.




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