Hi all,
I hope Im not overstepping my bounds here and if I am please let me know but I thought you all might benefit from this. I have started a new DVD series of instructional How To Faux videos and hope all will be able to use some of this information which is why I have made it available in two different formats. The series is called "Amazing Accents" in which I will be making available all year long. These DVD's and everything else that go along with the headaches and a gazillion amount of hours involved in editing recording and formatting I have learned over the last 6 months or so because I just couldnt afford paying what these producing companies wanted plus signing your life away on the copyright as well, so now I do it all my self including the packaging of the DVD's (lets face it gotta keep the family working some how lol) anyway, I know I dont post much here but that will soon change because I do love and respect the art of concrete but with my back and other issues my bones just cant take this kind of labor any longer. I have been in the painting business for over 30 years and I now want to share what I know but I still have to make a living as well.

The marble video will be ready by the beginning of next week and anyone is interested they can Opt in for my newsletter at Art-Faux .com to be notified of when I am ready to start shipping.

I have 2 ways of obtaining the video as a download with 4 different price options for the artists who really only need to see the techniques a few times to understand the concept which will be available at

How To Faux Videos

The other is a hard copy of a DVD who if your like me you have to keep it in your resource library because the memory banks just arent what they use to be at

Art-Faux Designs Inc.™

So in closing I would just like to wish all of you good fortune and hope all are having a prosperous year feel free to contact me through my email if I can be of any help with any tech questions that have to do with painting and stain because like I said after 30 years of working with everykind of substrate there isnt really not a whole lot that I cant help with.


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