Hello Vertical Artisans -- just posted new photos of the completed 6'X8' walk-in mining cave shower connected to our mining cave rec room. The shower features brushed nickel fixtures, a LED rain showerhead and 100 yr old weathered boards for a blocked off tunnel effect used throughout the mining cave rec room. The floor is Turkish river stone done by a master tile installer from Germany, the only outside help I used on the whole project due to knee problems. It was a tricky floor to complete since it was half of the former cistern floor of the 1910 bungalow home. The other half of the cistern is a modern laundry room in knotty pine separated from the mining cave theme along with a workshop. The entire basement was totally unusable space, hence the mining cave theme made sense. Of the many visitors who like the unusual theme, one noted there was no need for a door on the shower since it was in a clear side view from the 1920s bar where one could have a drink, watch sports on the TVs and watch someone take a shower! (Sidenote: I'm no photographer so can't get the right flash to capture the lighting for how the project really looks which is a soft amber tone with many shadows and crevices in the cave walls and ceilings. Most of my photos wash out as too bright.  -- Regards)     

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