I just thought I would let everyone know that I will be teaching a seminar in Phoenix on "Crafting Rock Features" as described by the folks at the Concrete Decor Show. I am excited to get back in front of a class and be able to share some of my techniques. I am hoping to start teaching and consulting again after the show. I am putting together a website that will have all my info, schedules, etc... I plan on being able to go all over the country if needed. I will also be available for any projects that anyone has that needs a little help with or in need of a work partner for a project. I hope to see a lot of our members from this forum as well as my forum. If anyone has any questions on the upcoming show, please go to: "The Concrete Decor Show"

Most everyone on this forum is a member or knows of the Concrete Artists Network, so if you have any questions regarding my training, please go to that forum for a quicker response. I don't want this blog to sound like an advertisement but I just want everyone to know whats up! I will post my new site when it's ready and I'm sure everyone will be excited about it!

Hope to see you all in Phoenix!


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