What’s in the new Vertical Artisans Magazine? That is what I was thinking before I had an in depth conversation with Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans. I was excited about his approach to the new E-magazine by making the artisans the magazine. He will achieve his goal by showcasing the Artisans throughout the entire layout. Not only is it going to be loaded with many different styles of carving and colorations. Focusing on the many projects of artwork created by the many artisans featured. In our conversation he asked me to design the front cover of the very first magazine, I was honored and excited. In my approach to the design I wanted to focus on the creator of the magazine and show his very own talents of teaching the craft. I choose the project that Nathan created during a training class at the Rocketown Center located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. This training class was held during the Concrete Decor show of 2011. I have heard nothing but great reviews from the students and quests that had the opportunity to be a part of or just simply lay eyes on this remarkable project. I heard all of the reviews first hand being a member of the Vertical Artisans Forum and Vertical Artisans subscription site. The forum is a free forum allowing artisans to interact with one another and show their projects and share their advice in vertical decorative concrete. The subscription site is a training site that has over 145 training videos. It also allows you to learn from the best in the business by showcasing their talents on the Artisans Channel.

Nathan Giffin
If you are not a member you are missing out learn the many years of tips and tricks shared. This site also has the new feature of live chat with the admin. The VA magazine is also going to have some advertising opportunities for various tool and product lines that are interested in reaching the artisans. The advertisers in the first magazine are Mortar Sprayer, Walt Tools, Concrete Earth and more. This magazine is going to have great linking opportunities for the artisans and advertising sections. The links will provide internet exposure that this industry needs to educate the potential client in the many approaches of design available in this craft. I recommend that all the artisans chip in to this Bob Vila advertising campaign.Nathan Giffin shared that all of the past issues of the E-magazine will be archived for continuous viewing. Where else can you spend money on advertising that is always being viewed and used as a linking tool, now that’s value. I also like the fact that the value of the advertising grows along with the magazine. The links created will continuously spread throughout the web and show relevancy for the featured links. I think that this E-magazine has a lot to offer to anyone featured or using it as an advertising campaign. . For all of you that have contributed, great job investing in yourselves.

I will look forward to working with Nathan and all of my fellow artisans to grow this E-magazine along with this wonderful craft.

Thanks Nathan for giving us artisans this great opportunity…..
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         Jody Smith

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