Most people here know what vertical concrete / carving / sculpting is, but what's a good quick way of saying it?


The Home & Garden I'm getting ready for offers advertisement with the cost of the booth. I haven't devised a clever way to describe this product. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance...

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Vertical Decorative Concrete,  Elaborate Textured Walls, Wall Cladding, Stone Facing, Simulated Rock, Faux Stone, Themed Walls & Environments.   Sculpted Concrete...........


Say This  Phonetically   ( OH-Dee-Dee-Jasmen ) the will look at you strange at first and ask you to say it again.  You say it again so there try to process what your words mean and there relationship to your work.  Then you just smile and say 'I'm just kidding".....but really.... and I guarantee you'll have their attention on whatever your about to say next.


I have stressed the three words Vertical Decorative Concrete because these three words encompass all the above most accurately.

I like the term "vertical decorative concrete" and "sculpted concrete". Vertical scultped concrete?


A vertical cladding system, featuring sculpted concrete and elaborate texturing to simulate rock in a themed environment!



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