Hi....I am new to the world of verticle stone carving and am truly impressed with all the talented folks out there. I am realy enjoying Nathans videos and learning lots! I have a question about applying the mix directly to drywall. I understand that metal lath is normaly used but plan on only applying about 1/2 inch (at the most) of material. If there is someone that has done this a few times without a problem please let me know how you prepaired the substrate (drywall). I would greatly appriciate your help!

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For only 1/2"....skim coat the drywall first to make it a cementitious substrate and let dry. Next, Apply bonder to the wall and apply your mix. I always modified my mix a little for extra security but not much to worry about indoors though. Enjoy!
Thanks Joe...I assume you may apply the skim coat of the verticle mix over drywall that has been painted w/ a flat latex paint without applying a primer like you can w/ joint compound. Is that right?
I've had great success over dry wall and even existing faux finishes. However the dry wall can not be weak or unstable, if ever I noticed that I would lath the entire area. A good bonder and skim coat was all I needed for a fresh start. I do lath walls that are higher than 8 feet because I dont want to take a chance on material being that high and EVER coming off if you know what I mean. Its over killl but I feel good about it.

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