I have watched the vids a few times through and am scratch coating my first practice area (outside of my chicken coop)

I am looking for sources for white mold release that we can use. It may be listed in the vids somewhere but I cant find it. I have some release from flatwork stamping, I am assuming it is the same. It is dark colored though and actually very sticky, it stains big time so I would like to get some of the type Nathan is using in the vids.


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It is powder release from any concrete material supply business. No difference for vertical or horizontal. Note this is not the same as "color hardener." Alternatively, you can use a liquid release, especially if working outdoors.

Thanks Scott, so liquid release would be mineral spirits or something like that?

Yup...Mineral Spirits will work. The concrete supply outfit will have liquid release they call bubble gum release which is essentially mineral spirits with bubble gum smell added.
Tim ONeill said:

Thanks Scott, so liquid release would be mineral spirits or something like that?

Scott is correct.  In a pinch you can use min spirits. When it is time that you want the light powder, give us call and we can get you take care of.

Thanks 888 263 5895

sort of another bend on release powders:  I'm practicing in the garage and carved some random stones, letting the mix partly set and cleaning out some space between stones. Using off white release powder and small paint brush to dust out the crumbs. Fine.

Day later spraying and sponge dabbing water based dye (Surecrete) Eco-Stain. As I suspected, release powder is hydrophobic and repels the water based dye. Hmm, don't want off white in between the stones. Could spray xylene or acetone to melt the release, but wouldn't want to do that IN a real customer's home, xylene Whew!

So what's a good suggestion? Forget the foofoo, other?

Yes Glenn you are correct, you can learn to carve or get in the groove of carving without powder release. You will possibly spend a little time waiting for your mud to dry so that you can brush some of your work. But you will learn to be efficient in your carving so that everything will flow through out the day. There are certain techniques that the powder release is needed. The product does come in a lot of different colors, choose a color that fits the color pallet of the rock work you are creating. That way the color of the release that stays in the joints matches the colors of your rocks. After awhile you will have a variety of release to choose from if you need it.


thanks. I suspect that is the only practical answer.


Richard L. Winget said:

You sure can! And it does not matter if your skin or stamp is latex, silicone or urethane. People complicate things unnecessarily. Sometimes instead of sculpturing a rock or tree branch ask yourself, can I use real rock or a tree branch instead. What is the purpose of what you are doing? I like easy, and simple. Remember the acronym KISS keep it simple stupid.

I love the KISS principle,I use liquid release cuz it evaporates,then told mineral spirits will work,but was sold an additive so I could stain later with no problems but if water will work I'm all for that,thanks Richard

Hey Ken…..if your just gonna use water as a release agent  ( know the risks  ) if you spray water on the surface of your material too early then you run the risk of degrading the surface of your mix.   the purpose of release agent is to keep the cements off of your tools, by adding water your adding the vehicle by which cements can come off your surface….

I mean are you just trying to save money?   then don't use anything at all….unless water makes you feel better….

It would be better to just use your tools then wash them off frequintly or spray your tools with water… this can work but is not as effective.

thanks Nathan,I'll just keep doing what I'm doing using liquid release.It gives me the best results from my skins and trowels and evaporates so I can stain.Its still simple.

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