The file size of our last webinar is about 850 meg.  So if get this free webinar please send an email to

In the topic heading type ( Free Webibnar )

I will send you a drop box invite and you will be able to download this file with ease.

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free webinar ,please

Yes Diego, me too, who could miss a free webinar by Nathan.  Thanks !

i would like to check out the free webinar thank

Well then you better do what is required of you....I can't guess your email...

i send to you already but no answer .. topic Free Webibnar ... may i should try with webinar 

I would like to check out the free webinar thank...!!

Then I would suggest to do what the instructions tell you to do...

yes,I am here and ready   for free webinar again, thks.

Yes I believe that you are ready but until you do what the above text says .. I can't help you.....

You need to re=read the instructions on how to receive the free link...I don't have a crystal ball LOL

'Thanks Guys

lol !! Thats Funny :^)

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