Is there a difference in using glass fiber and nylon fiber in the mix? How much fiber per 80lbs bag of Type S Quickcrete Mason Mix? My current mix is Type S Mason mix with Glass fiber and a poly/water mix at a 1/1. what else should I add to this? Is type N better for vert? How about fly ash or Superplasticizers? Please HELP!! Thanx.

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I can tell you that a Super P will make the mix not stick or make it harder to stick to just bonders on the wall. Are you a subscriber? There is a mix design with elements int he news section of the VA subscription.

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Hi Jeff,I would really like to try your mix, but do not know if this is at all feasible as there are at the other end of the world- in Serbia, and I do not know whether or silicafume mix containing fly ash, but if there are again a problem with regard to the ingredients can be bought here but not allowed to import them over, (Customs regulations) .... Help, please

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nathan..... thats a supercalifragilisticexpealidocias amount of super filmented extricular conretemnt for vertical application please send the % of induced calculation over total flex needed for tesile overload in given extractments. start with two and we will go from there.


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