Hi I am trying to find a product I can use on stove pipe to make a "faux" tree like the one in the picture.  I did this one with joint compound, but of course it will not withstand 500 degree heat.

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Maybe a second pipe surrounding the  hot one would cut the temp down a couple hundred degrees. Fire clay added to mortar withstands more heat, but you are pioneering on this one. Wish you well.

I am still in pursuit of something to use.  I gave up for awhile, but now I have had another request.

1) Wrap  the  stove  pipe  with  fiber  glass  insulation ,  with  approx. 3 to 4  inch  around   .

2)Insert   the  Stove pipe  with  the wrapped   fiber  glass  inside of  a     galvanized  pipe  17  to  12   gauges  .

3) Install Metal  latch  with  metal  screws  on  galvanized  pipe . (pre drill  will make your  job   easier ) 

4) Use  Fired clay  ,  Fly  ash  and  fibers   on  Scratch  quote  and   Carving  quote.

Note  :  Using  fibers on  Carving  quote  are  optional  but  I  do   recommend  if  your  oven pipe  reaches  to  500 C   .

I  like  to  see   your  next  project .  Good  Luck  kathy

Fernando Magal




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