If the last 6 months are any indicator of what this next year is gonna be I am very excited.   Especially the pool industry.   Here in Chicago and all through out the tri states areas we have seen unprecedented growth in the pool market place... I mean like 200% increase... most of the contractors I know are all ready booked out for the entire 2021 season and are starting to hire/train for the next year....

SO IS HARDSCAPES in general ... Walttools has seen a increase in the popular Hardscapes Systems.

(Training Available for FREE on www.VerticalArtisans.com and YouTube under Vertical Artisans)

Tell me what your experience has been over the last 6 months.....

It's almost as if COVID has forced people to look at their boring backyards and move them to purchase / invest in their properties.  

At least this is my experience...

Whats yours... Name your country, state and area let us at Vertical Artisans know whats up around the world.

2021 Trainings are warming up... I hope by early Spring we can announce some dates... stay tuned.

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