I want to make an outdoor kitchen with space for my grill and also a firepit in the corner of my patio, similar to what we saw at the WOC this year.

I realize that the "cabinets" or substructure of the areas that will be faced with vertical concrete should be primarily masonary, but I need to know the best substrate to make the cantilevered countertop/bar counter.  At the WOC, Nathan used the styrofoam and plywood to provide the surface to sculpt, but obviously these materials would not be suitable for an application like mine.

Anyone give me some tips on the best materials that I could use that will withstand the elements?

Thanks.  -John

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For a smooth finish counter top cast concrete on melamine, allow to cure, then set in place. For sculpted top, I would build the sub structure, then use durock with some temporary supports and do your top on that.

Now that you mention it, there's a countertop supply company that I've used a lot in my old granite top business that offers steel angles to use for exactly this purpose.  Durock seems to be the best material, maybe a couple of 1/2" pieces stacked together, to support a sculpted top.


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