As fellow artisans have noted over the last several years, stacking mud is nothing different.   We have been stacking mud in various situations in zoo's, museums, hotels, resorts,  ect. for various effects.

My first experience with mud out of a truck was many years ago.  I had given a colleague a very big project that I could not do myself.  I worked the project along side the other artist ( Ken Tywoniw - my first time with a master craftsmen ) that he brought on.   We all had a good time over 6 weeks.   This project was the biggest in my career as  we shot 99 yards of concrete.

The pump was around a 3" and it was a monster to handle as the guys shot off of a lift, but stacking mud is easy if you can pump it to the location.

There are all ready many people doing this type of work through out the country.   I have been asked by several of them to train them with the Vertical Artisans Methods.   

The method, add mixtures, approach and styling are only my perspective.   I feel that you can be as creative as you like once you get your feet wet.

The downside to this type of work is the man power required to effectively pull off the job.

For the project that we just finished.... this was all down out of 3 wheel barrels.  ( 6 guys )

The hard work is early on.  The first hour and then that's it.... I finished the job out from 10 o'clock on with two guys who mostly cleaned out and cleaned up.

The mix was a 8 bag mix ( grout or sand mix ) and we had it delivered at about a 1 - 2" slump.

Be sure to tell the ready mix plant that truck must be clean because on this project we had discovered 1" round rock all through out the mix.... which is very troublesome when your carving details in surface and joints.

We did add add mixtures when the truck arrived and  modified the mix as the project went along.  These steps are necessary and critical to the types of projects you can do.   Some steps may vary and change depending on the project.  This will be described in the official training.

I will remind you that this training is free for all Vertical Artisans Subscribers.

The add mixtures were for the most part basic elements found readily available at the ready mix plants.

Except One..... a formula that was the main vehicle of the mix....this is not my formula... I was impressed with the properties of this all the products and will be giving you the entire break down as to what was used.  I have a few more calculations and modifications to finish out and then I will be finished...

This group will be on going as the various types of projects will be listed.   Each one will vary but they all will be relatively the same.

I also have some ideas for tools and concepts that I can hardly wait to show you  so stay posted.

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