I am building a 28x42 pool house. So far the pool and pool house has been diy with some things subbed out. Cinder block walls with some interior framing. I have a large Cracker Barrel style fireplace with log holder and pizza oven/ smoker.  I want to do some fancy things in th bathroom to make a corner sink look like it’s on a tree stump. I will be doing that down the road.I’m tired of working so hard and not enjoying my projects so I am motivated to finish. If all goes well i plan on doing some side work making fire pits patios and fireplaces. The floor is already stamped in reclaimed timber I did last year.  I am going to start my scratch coat this week. I plan on power washing and rolling on bonder to block. I have a large compressor and mortar sprayer. I have a pallet of type s mortar left over from cinder block. My plan is to do a 2.5 to 1 sand/ type s mortar scratch coat. I have the vertical matrix stamp set as well as many texture rollers, matts, trowels and a pallet of tru pac . I spent what I consider a large amount of money to get up and running. So far al my experience has been on YouTube when it comes to vertical concrete. Hopefully you can see I don’t mind working hard and have some construction skills. Any suggestions or tips for an enthusiastic diy guy who has been planning this for 10 years? Pictures attached I think. I really want to do some classes as well. I don’t see anyone in my area doing this work and people I show are blown away. I have a large area to sculpt and want to make it look nice.

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I would highly recommend "The Art of Stonefacing" class on www.VerticalArtisans.com

I started just as you did.   The is NO better education on this topic then what I have poured into this course.

over three hundred videos and courses showing every aspect of stone facing... 

you will not be disappointed ....

Invest in yourself, your future and reap the rewards in your area.

I appreciate your reply. I’m knee deep in the project and learning as I go. I am going to invest in the class to learn more. I admire your work and have been wanting to do this for a long time. Having trouble using stone matrix stamps but I think I have my mix better now to try again. Been hand carving.

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