If you guys have Google Earth.  Look up Sun City South Africa.  Search for The Palace or the Lost City. 

This is a job that I worked on with Rock And Water years ago.  I'm pretty sure that Stone Face Plaster was invented here by Billy Rae Ackins, Gary Kamakona, and a few more highly talented people. 

While in Google Earth, brows through all the photos that tourists have posted.  Some really cool stuff





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I checked out the Google Earth deal, that is an awesome place! How long did you get the chance to stay there and complete the project? What I killer opportunity to get. How does a guy get the chance to be part of one of those crews? i assume it is who you know in this small industry, and have some skills too. Fill me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also have friends that worked there many years ago and yes it is quite a place.   I have never seen it with my own eyes but there are some features that are stunning.  My friends tell me the country is becoming so run down and unstable that even such a beautiful place may go to literal ruin.

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