Here is a brief ( don't hold me to it ) schedual.

Thursday January 31st  ---   Flying in the early afternoon.  Will get organized with Hanley Wood staff to coordinate material to artistry section.    Set up sub-straights.  Prep area for mixing.

Friday February 1st ---  Scratch coat the back wall and set up for detail craving of main wall art work.    Let scratch coat set up .. work on lettering.

Saturday February 2nd  --- Continue  Art work  Position Water feature and scratch coat it.

Sunday February 3rd ---   Finish Art Work ... Carve some stone if I feel Like It :)

Monday February 4th ---  Sculpt the Water Feature ..... Stain and paint art work.

Tuesday February 5th --- Plaster and crack back wall .... paint and stain water feature... 

Wednesday February 6th --- Turn on Water feature and work the crowd.

Thursday February 7th --- Work the crowd and do interviews LIVE on Ustream  with artist, manufactures and VA members.

Friday February 8th --- Go home in the afternoon...

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