All right guys I have great progress on this wine cellar...


It started out as just a few  spare rooms ( 10' x 14' ) and ( 14' x 11' ) with an elevator in the middle.


Here are some before demo photos's

This was the card/poker room


and this was the game room...arcades and such...

In between this room is an elevator.


We started to demo this area to prepare for the over all project... stripping it down to the bare walls was important because we need to spay foam insulation over all walls and ceilings to ensure a constant temp and humidity control.


Now we have a good majority of the walls in place....I have started to design the effects with pink foam so the carpenters have templates to work off of.



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Wow Nathan,

How in the world do you go about putting an estimate on something like this.  Is this just a repeat customer that says, "go have fun, you know I'm good for the money."  Are you pulling anyone in on this job?  Looks like a pretty nice complex design.



I have carpenters, a electrician, HVAC, roofers ( for the facade out side the main entrance) and insulation people for the foam.


All I do is design the environment and go in and carve it when its ready.  The over all job is around 100K for about 300 square feet of space.  There is a lot going on here ... more than meets the eye.   Everything is top notch no cutting corners.   It will really be a piece of art when were done.  I'll keep you posted.

Wow...$100K in this economy.  You are being blessed!!!  Definitely keep me posted.
Wow Nathan, I can not wait to see this one come together. Awesome Lay out and your design and mock up is unreal. Best of luck and please keep us posted.   GD
Wow! Truly amazing!

Very Nice Sir, that is going to be Off The Hook. Great Imagination you have, Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us.


Best Of Luck





lookin sweet!!! thats gunna be da bomb!! said:
Cool Stuff, cannot believe how quick it tacks up.     GD
Looking good, going to be one of a kind for sure.  GD said:


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