Here are the details of the Vertical Artisans (Artisans) Deal:
·         Minimum Order to Qualify:  250,000 Dinar
·         Discount:  You get a $10 discount when you order and mention (Artisans)
·         Lower Denomination:  One (1) 1000 Dinar Note
Here are the instructions you need to follow to ensure you get this deal:
1.       You need to go to to place your order.  It’s pretty straight-forward, but if you get lost, you can always call them at 855-855-8285.

2.       In order to get this deal, when entering your name you need to type the following within the same section you type your last name: (Artisans).  Here’s an example so you don’t get confused:                       
First Name:  John            
Last Name:  Doe (Artisans)

So, just to summarize, I’ve set up a way whereby anyone who reads my stuff and wishes to purchase more Dinar can get all the following:

·         A $10 off discount
·         One (1) 1000 Dinar Note
  If you don’t do it the way I instructed above, you won’t be able to get the deal. 
Best wishes,
Nathan Giffin


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