There will be 3 components to this system outside of the tool recommendations.

One Day Walls Component A

One Day Walls Component B

One Day Walls Component C

Component A offers

  • Lower (w/c) water to cement ratios
  • Easier placement ... open time
  • Shrinkage control
  • Easier finishing
  • Color consistency
  • Composition ... no calcium chloride that promotes corrosion of reinforcement of steel

Component B offers

  • Extended work time
  • Bleed/Segregation control
  • Shrinkage control
  • Easier finishing
  • Easier Placement
  • Decreased Permeability
  • Improved Surface Appearance, mix stability and composition

Component C  " Easy Slick " ( sprayed )

  • Surface Viscosity Modifier
  • Easy reconstitution and trowel-ability of surface mix
  • Concentrated or ready to use

These are the primary components.....

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