Well, Today I received a few messages from Chad Livingston out in Colorado Springs.

He was excited to share all that had taken place on his project.... He was unable to goto the class in Oregon, but that didn't stop him from installing a MOON GATE BABY!!!

The Clients response is what really stoked me up... today he walked out and gave everyone ... the entire crew a hundred dollars.... He was so impressed with the job and the look of the Moon Gate that gave out 500 bucks extra....  Id say thats a happy customer....

They should deb finished with the project by next wednesday.  Here are a few snap shots so far...

By the way, He charged 6000 for this archway and his last comment to me tonight was the next on swill start at 8000... and he will get it.... Im not sure how much the entire project was but .. I will try to get updates....



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The entire project is pushing 80k including other landscaping and concrete elements. The moon gate, with experience, should take me 1 day to install the footer, 1 day to put up foam and coat with EA, one day to carve and another to stain. Give yourself 5-7 days with no experience on it. At 5 days I think 10k is a good starting price.


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