Full Combo Class: $1400  Valued ($2,185.00)


Mike Vernelson Positive Carving Organic Class

Nathan Giffins Positive Carving Structural Class

Nathan & Mike One Day Walls Class on Monday the 1st

(1)years subscription to Vertical Artisnas

Access to the VDO footage

Mike Vernelsons Positive Carving Class:  $895

Organic positive carving on interior of home

Bending, forming, and Root system ( time permitting )

VDO access

One Day Walls Class  $495  Oct 1st only

Mike Vernelson & Nathan Giffin One Day Walls on Oct 1st

Volmetric Mixing with One Day Walls Components 

Organic retaining wall for entrance of the house

Nathan Giffin Positive Carving Class: $895

Interior sculpting, Dry Stack styling, Including oversized pattern, Exposed Stone

Celtic Weave in ceiling dome (time permitting)

(1) year subscription to Vertical Artisans included

Book seats today or before Aug 30th to reserve your spot

Send email to Nathan@VerticalArtisans.com with I will attend and contact information 

All Major Cards Excepted and PayPal



Nolan Schied - MortarSprayer.com

Nathan Giffin - VerticalArtisans.com

Mike Vernelson - VerticalArtisans.com

Bill Foster - Spiderlath.com

John Strieder - Concrete Decor Magazine

1)   Rob Duncan                                                       Full Ride         (Paid)

2.)   Richard Batey                                                    Full Ride        (Paid)

3.)   Tyler Forbush                                                    Mikes Class   (Paid)

4.)   August Riviera                                                   Mikes Class   (Paid)

5.)   Christian + Penny Maucieri                            Mikes Class  (Paid)

6.)   Dion Battles                                                          Full Ride      (Paid)

7.)   Toribio Gallues                                                   Full Ride       (Paid)

8.)   Warren Ness                                                       Full Ride        (Paid)

9.)   Danno                                                                    Full Ride       (Paid)

10.)   Gabe Polanik                                                     Mikes Class  (Paid)

11.)   Beth Johnson                                                     Full Ride       (Paid)

12.)   Bryan Marks                  Mikes Class & One Day Walls      (Paid)

13.)   Josh Russel                                                       Full Ride        (Paid)

14.)   Corey Draper                                                      Full Ride       (Paid)

15.)    Scott Armstrong                                               Full Ride       (Paid)

16.)    Ricky Harrison                                                 Full Ride       (Paid)

17.)   Ron Fry                           Mikes Class & One Dry Walls       (Paid)

18.)   Mike Bresnan                                                    Mikes Class   (Paid)

19.)   Peter Pappas                                                       Mikes Class (Paid)

20.)  James Parent                                                      Full Ride       (Paid)

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Nathan, you can count Penny and I in for the 27-29th

Christian Maucieri said:

Nathan, you can count Penny and I in for the 27-29th

Im  in for Sept 27th - 29 and possibly in for one day walls


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