This is a good look at the overall concept...

Each end will have a open face with a decorative end structure to terminate the seat wall.

Each end will also have a floral rock on top of it.

the out side curves will be adorned with lower flower beds also serving to hide the gas container.

The far right circle will be a fire pit rock, shaped to emulate the reverse approach to the other side..

The far left circle will have a Ice rock filled with ice and drinks to serve... there is a fracture to allow drainage of the melting ice....

the features point of this layout is the very large vertical rock.... this rock will look to weigh close to 1500 - 1800 pounds and will be able to be rotated by a small child. 

The over all theme for this piece is "Balance" 

This is the link to the other pictures in the album.

The system I am using is from

I will talk more in depth about this company later.

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Love it Nathan very cool

Looks great. Looking forward to seeing it on Thursday.


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