For those participating in the Artistry....

We've made arrangements for you to park near the Artistry area this year, which should make things easier for you during the week. The parking arrangements are subject to a few rules and restrictions, however, as follows:

  • Artists may park vehicles/trailers for access during setup beginning on Friday, January 30, with an approved ARTISTRY PARKING PASS, displayed on the dashboard. You can get your pass from me onsite, and I'll direct you to the artists' parking area.
  • You and your crews may carry tools and supplies to your designated display area, but you may not drive your vehicles into the display area
  • You may move your vehicles in and out of the lot during setup Friday through Monday, but on show days (Tuesday through 1 pm Friday), you may not remove your vehicles until the show closes each day at 5 pm. Vehicles must be parked in the lot by 9 am each day before the show opens at 9:30. If you are not in the lot by then, you'll need to find parking elsewhere.
  • If at all possible, you should lock your tools in your vehicles when not in use. There will be a trailer onsite for your use, but this is a shared storage trailer and space is limited.
  • If you need cart service to bring your materials to your work space, please let me know and I'll arrange it.

If you are shipping any materials, tools, or other items to the show site, please keep me informed by sending an email to me and Sue Basham ( with the following information: the date it shipped, the number of pieces, the freight carrier, and the date it's expected to arrive. Also include the tracking numbers for your shipment.


If you have questions about any aspect of the program or procedures, please contact me by email or phone. Beginning this Friday, use the mobile number below. Call me when you arrive at the Convention Center, so I can give you your badges and parking pass.


We will have a brief meeting in the Artistry area at 3 pm on Monday to answer any questions and discuss some specific plans for the week. We'll also take some group photos at that time, so please plan to be there.


The forecast is for mostly sunny weather for WOC, with highs in the 60s. That's great news for those of us coming in from the frozen North!




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