Hello, I am very new to this arena so any help provided is greatly appreciated. I have a small area of solid foundation exposed on the lower section of my house in the back and would like to give it a vertical concrete treatment. So my question is... What is the best way to go about applying starting out...No grout lines no seams...do I just use a bonding agent and is that enough. or do I attach lath? If I should attach lath, not having used this before, how do I anchor it to the wall?

Some additional newbie questions...
Staplers - 16ga or 18ga?
This one kind of sounds like a stupid question, but here it goes anyway...when cleaning out your tubs or whatever you are mixing in....where are you dumping the water at a customer site?

Anticipating my first job in this...getting first timer cold feet!!! Thank you! Cap.

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If you are talking about regular foundations take a look t these photos:

You can see that the tap cons are evenly spaced so that the lath is securely fastened.
The wall on the right on the bottom pic is just drywall. ( regular screws into studs )
This is an interior application but the same applies to exterior. When I have done exterior I have only used lath if the surface of the concrete was really poor and even then I still used bonding agent with the lath.

Tap cons are sold at most stores. You will need a hammer drill as well.
There is a trick I've used as well when the area requires a lot of tap cons...
I would hammer drill many holes in the wall as If I was preparing for tap cons. Then I would go back and just use 1.5" cut nail to secure the lath. Works great and hold the lath to the wall. Plus you can use the cut nails more liberally.

As for the staples I cover that i the Project 1 video data.

Did you forget you have my number bro for those "tuff" questions? :)
Hi Nathan, Thanks for the reply..that is exactly what I needed to know.....I must have missed that staple issue in project 1...I'll watch it again. It's alot to take in when you haven't done it yet....but I'm gettin close.

As far as calling you..It isn't that important that I need to bother your busy schedule...I figured the forum would be a better use of my silly questions. I like to see it stay active...

thanks buddy!!

Hi Frank,

I was just going through some of the old discussions and came across yours. The question of where you put your clean up water, extra unused mix etc. Is a very good question. I have received referrals because of how we clean up or people see us cleaning up. This can be really frustrating in small back yards or apartments. There are special clean out bags that I get from my concrete pumper. We are able to put a yard of concrete and slurry in them and they filter the water out clean. You are able to lift them with a fork lift etc. or you can keep breaking your slurry up and take it all out the next day. I have reused mine several times.If you are interested in them I can get the name of the bags. Also just digging a deep hole to get rid of the small cleanup water works most of the time if you are discreet and use common sense.
Thanks for the tips Randy! I appreciate it. these, in my opinion are the little things you don't think of until you are on the site and trying to figure out the best way.


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