Because Vertical Artisans is online to a global audience, we understand that there are many that do not have good ethics. We want to address this issue in regards to this forum and in respect to all the artisans out there.

If you are a teacher, consultant, instructor of artificial rock ect. and there are more and more coming up all aver the place, then we respect you fully. However if you learn something on Vertical Artisans or another reputable teaching site and think that you will get on this forum and scout for prospects to sell data you have just learned, you are sadly mistaken.

Join a network marketing company like Amway or some fancy juice & vitamin MLM where they encourage you to build a company duplicating their business model.
If that doesn't suit you then start your own forum and recruit new prospects.
It takes a lot of brass to think that the artisans we network with will sit still and allow people who have just learned this craft to try to prospect and profit from the very network that taught them the craft.

We encourage innovations, styles and originality. We want you to promote products, services and your experiences. Share your art work with the world and inspire to new heights in this untapped market place.

If you have a burning desire to banned from this network then by all means promote teachings that are not yours and take credit for it.

If you can't wait to be kicked out of this forum then post up data, info, and other trade secrets that artisans and more importantly, patrons alike that have paid good money to learn.

Don't waste our time on the phone and in emails desiring answers to your questions when all your gonna do is promote the new found data as your own and try to make money as a true blue consultant. Support the artists that share their lives with you. Respect them with your contributions and payments. Learn from them and bring it to your areas, but give credit to where its due.

Post up your work, prove yourself, be a craftsmen or craftswoman. Get recognized for your creativity.


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I Second That! And with my complete support!

Jeff Datin
Concrete Artists Network
What'd I miss?
I agree that individual ideas gained from investing personal time and effort, as well as personal experience and personal knowledge from time money and work has value.

I appreciate the contributions of those on this site.

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