I have a customer that is wanting an exterior kitchen. He wants to do concrete countertops with an integrated sink. Does anyone have any recommendations on a sealer that pops the color, doesn't look like plastic, and can hold up to the weather up here in the NW. The kitchen will be exposed to all kinds of weather because there isn't a roof over it.

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Brain check out OPTION 1

 Acrithane.  indoor or out.  Non yellow, very durable.  Not a heavy coating, maybe comparable to a typical solvent acrylic. Great gloss, excellent wetting out and color enhancement.  http://www.walttools.com/ti-acri-thane-250/


Use a PAP.  It is thicker but the magic of it is you can easily cut it with xylene to a much thinner, easier to apply coating.

it is 1:1 now.  Just make it 1:1:1 with xylene.  Even more if you like. You can thin it enough to apply with a microfiber cloth.  It dries in an hour and you can hit another coat and call it a day. Heavy darkening, gloss.

I would advise him to cover it up with plastic in the winter anyway if he can.  Just to keep the elements off it will stretch the long term healthiness of the top.


The customer wanted it to be a flat or a semi-gloss look. Having it be a low gloss sheen probably goes against me wanting to have a sealer that "makes the colors pop." Could I dull them up in any way without effecting the protecting factors? For option 2 what is PAP?



I've dulled out many tops (epoxy and pap) with 0000 steal wool. I've also used 500 grit sand paper. I use a spray bottle, mist the surface and go to town by hand. I would try a sample or 2 before doing the top.

PAP is polyaspartic.  Very hardy stuff.  Jim has you in a good direction.  You can get your wetting out of the surface you need for the color pop but then degloss it as he says.  Just be careful of epoxies outdoors exposed to sun since even the rare"non ambering" type give in to harsh sun.

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