Doing an inside job and had forgotten how much of a mess the release powder makes. I am looking for the best way to clean it out of the joints and off the stone for staining. Thinking I may be using to much yet that is what seems to work the best. Inside jobs where there is carpet etc......

I am open to hearing what you folks have figured out over the years.

Thank you.

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Michael.  Powder release can be a PIA, especially indoors. I think the benefits outweigh the pain though.

First, you never need to broadcast the release onto the surface as one will do with flatwork. You only need to put it onto your tools such as vertical stamps or our Tru Tex tools(rollers, trowels, etc).  Just lightly dust the tool in the bucket actually with a brush, shake it off and use the tool.  Same with stamps, brush on the release lightly.  The reason I like the powder is that it provides you better visual evidence of how the texture is going on that a liquid release. Just like dusting for fingerprints.  Powder make texture easy to see. In addition, the right color release will provide a nice color contrast to your finished project.

Yes a thck layer can impede using some stains but after being wiped down before staining, it should just go right on.

Hope this helps

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