As you have read in the main page Fossil Crete has sent a letter to almost every manufacturer of a vertical bag mix asking for a $1.00 levy for every bag sold.

It's hard to imagine such companies like Flex-C-Ment, Butterfield, AE, SureCrete, Speeco and about a dozen more would take this seriously. The few I have spoken with have called it a joke.

But to charge a $1.00 per bag is a little odd when you should be trying to put a competitor out of business because the "stole" your baby.

In the letter the Fossil Crete mix design was included as well. So far I have not heard anyone's mix being even close to the formula but that's not what interested me. It was the claim to the entire process that they have included in their patent included the application, texture and other tools that I found interesting.

That's like trying to patent pouring a drive way or a patio and then telling the world it's my idea.

I have much to say about this as my manufacturer has received a letter as well.

I would like to hear your voice on this matter and I will make more available in the next few days.

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Hello Don,  I like what I see with your 20 lb. add mixture. Your company is the type that I am referring to when I say give the customers what they need at an affordable price and race to the finish line.  I have not used any ones product yet but have been pricing them out, so far your companies is by far the best thing I have seen out there.  Plus, they are the most reasonable for shipping cost, I  take my hat off to your company!  I plan on getting very much involved in this industry soon. I will defiantly use your product because what I see thus far, it’s decent at an a affordable cost~  I wish your company great success~  By the way, you ship UPS, that in it’s self is great- I contacted two other companies and I would have to order by truck for delivery and there is nothing in my area and their prices range from $16.50 to $29.75/50 pound bag…PLUS shipping. WoW, it’s a no brainer what to use!

Don/Walttools said:
Thanks Scott, nice shout out there.  Yes, the Trupac is a great option.  It is still 20 lbs but that is sure better than shipping 50 lbs bags when the 20 lbs ends up making 80 lbs of vertical. Even with shipping it is less than standard bag mix costs and is much bigger batch size.


I think you'll like the Tru-Pac material. That is what we use, for the same reasons you express. And, for the record, Walttools has been very helpful when I've had questions, and very responsive when I've had delivery issues (it was not their issue, but trucking company's, but they (Walttools) were quick to make things right!) It's good to see customer service still alive and well!


All that being said, I would truly like to have some of the Fossil stamps (the bony fish and big trilobites) anybody know of places where those may be available?

yep, lee, just give me a call.  We just created a fossil line that will go up this weekend, bony fish and all...

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