Has anyone made/bought a carve mix you can use as a patio?

I'm completely experimenting on some much needed hardscape. I looked at Walt tools concrete overlay or something that will give me a good hour or more of stampability  and I need ALOT.  This will be FOOT traffic only but probably aggressive foot traffic since live performances will be happening frequently and some of us aren't of the dainty nature at 250 LBs on a good day. This will be going on 30 Day old concrete ( rough-ish) or maybe sooner if that doesn't matter.   Here's a quick video link to show you just how much I'm going to need http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5umvrNMOrE

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I have done thousands of sq ft with my own blend. Lots of stampable mixes available as well. Durability is not going to be an issue. Take proper steps to avoid delamination - i.e. clean surface, bond coat... Cold water and cold sub surface do more for working time than anything else. Great looking project, have fun.

Thanks Jeff, so TruPacX and Kirtbag and such can handle extreme foot traffic? We tend to have a good party or two here and there and I'm guessing some heavy firewood will get dropped and our fire pit will handle 4' long wood ( solid oak.)

This looks like what you want from the Tru package mixes. You can call Jeff Kirt and ask if his stuff would work, he knows his product pretty well and is a great guy to talk with.

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