In reference to sample boards would it be ok to just use bonder on plywood or do I have to use lath? Just want to save a little money if I can.

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Metal lath only runs about 50 cents a sq. ft. and can be purchased in single sheets locally. Your boards should represent your entire method of construction. They also tend to take a beating hauling them around, and could delaminate easily. 

I would use spider lath and not just bonder.. cement doesn't hold well with just bonder .. you need the extra help...

Once again, I would make sample boards .. take a bunch of picture and pitch them out...

I used to carry around samples ... they damage to easily.  Not very successful selling off an actual sample board.... 

but pictures... easier to manipulate and no fuss.

Thank you both very much for your replies. One more payday and hopefully I'll be asking for opinions on some sample boards.

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