Vertical Artisans is going to pull permanent advertising to the public via Bob Vila. The Bob Vila Site is a great public site with millions of viewers all over the country. Help us promote YOU. This forum and all contributors will be listed as Vertical Artisans ready to execute the craft of stonefacing.

The Advertising package offers over 50,000 front page impressions each month and a show room that generates a lasting impression with pictures and video. The cost is a little over $12,000.00 but myself and other manufactures will match contributions provide by the community.
Help us help you raise leads for your business. Give what you can and clean up your profiles so as the public can find you better. A special video will be made featuring pictures from those who have donated with their names and contact information in the show room.

Those Who Donate will also be ( FEATURED MEMBERS ) this page will also be listed in the showroom.

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Nathan thanks for giving me the opportunity to design the Vertical Artisans E-Mag cover. I had a blast doing it and can’t wait to design Volume 2, along with helping others set up their showcase centerfolds. This is a great opportunity for everyone involved in this industry to “Showcase” their work. You have a great plan and I am excited about being a part of it. I’m sure once the first magazine drops everyone will see the solid approach you are making to better the craft along with its Artisans.

Climb on board guys and give a little to gain a lot!
Cover looks Great!
Excellent look.  Very edgy and sure to grab attention and keep it.  Way to go Jody.
love the mag cover!!
Great Webinar last night guys, I can't wait until the mag goes live.

Hey David,

I was at my local pub and had the same thoughts.  So what I did tonight was had 2 less and will contribute $14.00 for 2 members that have not contributed.  I can't really afford a subscription to the VA site but I will learn through persiverence!!!  Nathan G please give my $14.00 to someone who has not donated or 2 members of the VAF and give them recognition as well.  This is about all of us as "artists" to make a movement.  SO, Lets move and move forward together as a whole. 

Thank you and goodnight,

Nathan B

David D Driggs said:

Now Nathan, my favorite pub on Mondays and Wednesdays has Guinness pints for $3.50, which is 2 for $7. So yes, I literally p!ss away $7 quite frequently, and cannot think of a better way to dispose of my money in $7 increments. That said, I get your point, and will contribute accordingly (here, that is). Thanks for putting things into perspective for me!

Nathan Brownell said:
We all have p!ssed away more than $7.00.  I think that is a small price to pay for possibly 1 job from this advertisement.  Do I truly believe I will get 1 job?  Questionable.  As I said $7.00?  I will continue to contribute as I can. 

Thank You Nathan .... I will do that.  Maybe you should pick 2 yourself


The magazine cover looks sweet! I didn't get a chance to be part of, or listen to the webinar, but I believe this is  an excellent opportunity to get some recognition, not only for myself, but for the entire trade. I believe, the more people realize what can be done with concrete, the more jobs we will all get, and this seems like an awesome way to get the word out to people who may have went to Bob Vila's site looking for something completely different, and now have decided they have to have some vertical work done. I just finished my first actual paid job, (a small waterfeature) I wasn't quite sure what I thought of the finished product until I filled it with water, turned it on, and had about ten people stop by the homeowners house to take a look. They were amazed! Many of them were convinced that they knew the spot where we picked up the rocks up in the hills, and didn't believe me when I told them it was hand carved....My point being, I now have about ten more people who looked at my work, realized what could be done with carved concrete, and now want something built at their house. I believe the Bob Vila site will bring more people to this realization.


That's great and a job well enthusiasm is contagious!   I agree with you!


Please participate we are not yet even half way there yet and we are running out of time.  Promote it to the others and lets see this thing through.

Nathan-Please tell me again the deadline we're working with. I'm currently juggling moneys between personal, business, and 3 different jobs. "Co-mingling of funds", as my accountant calls it (apparently that's a bad thing). I think those words are funny, but he never smiles when he says them! Maybe a daily count-down with a running totals would be helpful.
Man, am I a moron! I just saw the very obvious countdown window, complete with totals. I guess it's true-you always do find it in the last place you look. I should have started there. Maybe I was just frazzled after the accountant finished with me. I swear I haven't been drinking, yet.

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