I need to make a sample board, more precisely a worn, weathered one. An actual old piece of wood shall help, but tips and advise are very useful. Thought about making a few texture rollers since I lived far from US, and by the time I order and receive shipment oportunity may be gone, at least to make the sample for a client. Coloring the foix bois is of no concern Any tutorial reference on this, tips of any sort? Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Comment by Jeff Tobler on January 29, 2012 at 10:25am

 For a sample I would just make an embossing skin from a piece of old wood. Shape your sample out of foam or lathe and emboss. Do several at the same time, and present the best one.

Comment by Nelson Lasaosa on January 29, 2012 at 12:20pm

I keep searching on internet, ferrocement work... but search ain`t fruitful as yet. Glad, I`m on the right track, sort of. lol. A roller would probably make a monotonous print which probably works ok for bark, not so original for wood grain, knots, cracks, splintered ends, and knots. So I`m aware of the detail carving ahead besides the embossing skin. If it turns out good, I will load up on internet the step by step pictures tutorial, hoping some people may benefit someday. Thanks!


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