This post in in regards to a " 6 DVD SET" that is in the market place today...

I've purchased and watched this complete set.  It cost about $159 and is not worth even this meager investment.

The sales point of making your own mix can be found in the halls of Vertical Artisans, or given for free to students who call me with making their own mix designs.

The "techniques" used in the videos can also be seen in the teaching curicullum on Vertical Artisans in their complete form.  

I also swear to you that you will never see my butt crack or any of my workers butt cracks on any of our videos that we produce at Vertical Artisans.

The advice to use Lime Dust/Powder ect ext as a release agent...

Lime dust is the dust left over from the natural mineral 'lime.' Lime is an inorganic material made up primarily of calcium oxide (CaO). However, lime, and thus lime dust, also contains silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, and magnesium oxide, all of which tend to function as irritates to the respiratory system. Exposure to high amounts of lime dust, or repeated exposure, can lead to asthma and other acute respiratory issues.

Soooo…… DO NOT USE IT AS A RELEASE…. it was not intended to be one and using it as one could be detremental to your health.

The maker of this DVD set was a Vertical Artisan … who wants to get into   the teaching of rock carving by selling "his" system or "his" techniques….

As many of you know I encourage you all to buy what ever data you can find  out in the industry because there are so few instructors in the industry, however,  this set is ill advised.   

As long as it exists, it undermines the integrity  of your investment to Vertical Artisans and promotes bad practices...

In my line of work what I do i so highly scrutinized, there is a level or standard to my teaching that must be maintained.    I encourage many to follow this and subjugate myself to corrections and change as often as possible…. the VA network is evolving and making changes for the better.

If we do something that is not right we try to change it and inform the community of a better practice.

Continue to educate yourself and move forward….but be wise.

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Comment by Brent Horton on January 4, 2014 at 8:10pm

I hope everyone gets into the habit of wearing a respirator or at least a Heavy paper dust mask!I know they are hard to breath through,and you don't look Cool wearing one,but don't end up like Me!I started out mixing drywall Mud when I was 14yrs old.The guy I learned the Painting trade used bag mix and all that dust went right down my lungs,When I'd spray lacquor I didn't wear one cause I couldn't get my head all the way inside cabinets,same way with sanding or grinding Concrete.Now I'm 58yrs old and have copd,So,Please Wear a Mask...


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