Any ideas to stop shrinkage cracks? It is dry in southern utah and I have used a water mist,  fibers, finisher's aid and it still gets crack.  We work in the shade and only when it is cool in the morning. Can't figure it out.

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may be too much cement? 

Its in your mix design. Tweek it a bit more.

Here are a couple of  additives that should help.

Utah has huge deposits of diatomaceous earth, try a bit of that mixed in as well

Are the cracks occurring the same day or the following day, etc?

Ugh, dreaded shrink.  refer to this FAQ.  It applies to the vertical mixes in general, not just ad pacs.  Vertical is very demanding an many many factors are involved.  Post pics if you can as that can help the experts on here better diagnose.

thickness, scratchcoats, control joints, etc all come into play.

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