I have question about waterproofing,

When you make a rock water feature were the sculpted rocks go below the water line but are still visible, after the coloring what is the best way to water proof the cement.

I am not a professional , just someone who really likes what you guys do

Thanks Bill

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Waterproofing the pool wall before applying the sculpted rocks is the way to go. Thoroseal or something similar.

Jeff is right.  That offers good protection. You can also use a waterproofing agent on the work you are submerging.  Our Tru Block does a great job in that arena.  It really helps block the water from getting into the surface and protects your coloration.

Jody Smith has done well with this. This gives you an out layer water barrier on top of you backup with the initial wall.

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the reply, this is not a pool it is a small water pond the is built around a plastic pond form will try and add some photos


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