FREE TRAINING CLASS --- Morris IL with Hardscapes Systems.

Free Training Class   January 21, 2016

LOCATION - Morris IL, 


Learn the basics of this incredibly innovative system and how you can use it in a number of ways to create decorative seatwalls for any environment. Get a jump on your competition. If this date does not work, still call to find out about future classes.



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Whether you are a landscaper, hardscaper, decorative concrete installer or just DIY, this opens the door for clever creativity in your space or the space of your clients. Finishes can be Had carved vertical concrete, stamped concete, cultured stone, natural stone, stucco, etc.  The possibilities are really limitless.



What is Hardscape Systems?

Hardscape Systems LLC specializes in the manufacture and distribution of products for creating hardscape elements, particulary unique and innovative seat walls. The goal of our systems is to provide value to the installer and the consumer with ease of installation, superior aesethetics and environmental appeal. Imagine having a beautiful, custom seatwall in half the time of traditional methods. That is what Hardscapes can do for you. But how can this be done?" width="500" class="CToWUd a6T" tabindex="0" />" width="250" class="CToWUd a6T" tabindex="0" />

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Pond View - Plainfield IL

Hand carved vertical concrete

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American Stamped Concrete - Twinsburg OH

Hand carved vertical concrete

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Walttools/Vertical Artisans -IL

Stamped vertical concrete

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Cultured stone

You Can't Beat it!


"My first time using the Hardscape System was a breeze and the time I saved compared to traditional block and poured concrete seat walls was a huge money saver. I would highly recommend it to anyone and will be using it for all our future projects."  Mike Simko of Hoosier Concrete

Hardscape Systems LLC changes the "landscape" of the industry


At Hardscape Systems LLC, we have come up with a patent pendingsystem that allows you to create many of these common hardscape elements in much less time than conventional materials.  Less time means less labor, which means you can now pick up those clients that before, were just out of your range of services.


  EPS foam has been used in the concrete industry for over 35 years.  It has proven to be a reliable and dependable insulating material since the 50’s and has recently been shown to have unlimited design potential. It is considered a green building material, and can improve overall structural durability despite the light mass it possesses. Despite its advantages, working with foam at the field level can still be cumbersome as non-linear structures can sometimes require an extensive amount of cutting in order to complete specific designs such as an S shaped seat wall.  


  Hardscape System’s patent pending design solves that issue.  Our unique seat wall system employs a number of precision relief cuts into specific pieces that will allow one to flex the foam to make a curved wall without any complicated cutting.  If you are incorporating a cap for the wall, that is just as easy.  No complicated cutting of pieces to fit or pre-casting pieces offsite to use later. Your top can be poured in place in the shape you want with no difficult cutting, forming or aggravation. This systemHand carved vertical concete can be used with several finishes such as cultured and natural stone, brick veneer, stucco, stamped vertical concrete and hand carved vertical concrete. With the concrete veneers you are then able to use a variety of color system to acheive harmony in any outdoor environment.


Hardscape Systems LLC debuted in early 2015 with a fantastic showpiece.  See the project overview below. 


Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans, together with a team of eager folks, used the innovative modular system from Hardscape Systems to create a one of a kind seatwall display in just three days.  Try that with conventional seatwall installation methods! Click HERE for a quick look at an overview for the project pictured below or HERE to see a detailed breakdown of the entire project.



Hardscape Systems LLC is a new way of transforming outdoor spaces into enviable outdoor environments.  More and more pieces and building blocks will be added to this construction line, furthur expanding the potential that you can offer your clients. Bookmark the site and stay tuned for more excitement coming your way.

Hardscapes is working to place strategic distribution thru out the country.  If nobody in your area, stocks the modular block Hardscape System and Strutcure Coat, we will find someone to take care of you. Just let us know where we need to get the materials to take care of you better.  Thank you!

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