Just so you know the video footage of what we have accomplished at the WOC event is being edited and will be posted in the CORE course on Vertical Artisans

This Blog post is for those of you who want a early overview of the process.

First Set out your foam sub straights.

We basically laid out the foam pieces on the design we spray painted on the tarp day earlier....

You can see the center where we installed the intricate metal support bearings we used for the spinning rock....  this only took us about an hour... after leveling the bearings and pouring highstregth concrete we were done for the day....

I really don't consider this to be a full day or even a half day.   If not for the spinning rock we would have finished everything anyway .. but the spinning rock required an absolutely perfect vertical level and plumb to work so we didn't chance any failure... I should have tried but i was being safe and there was really no pressure to finish ... this system is so fast you can ask any of the guys I was chopping at the bit just to see it finished.... 

anyway the next step after laying out the bases would be to pour the anchors on the joints.... however we skipped this because we knew this piece would most likely be dismantled and taken home by somebody....and if not then it was going to be thrown out anyway....

Once the joints are filled with concrete...this is where the fiberglass rebar would be anchored to the existing patio and secured,  then you can proceed with the tops...

Once the tops are installed.. and by the way they are cut just like the bases .. so there placement is perfect..... unless you cheat somewhere.... but we anchored them down with 16 penny nails until the spray glue was secure...

Then we cut felt paper to fit perfectly into the tray....

Then Spider lath was cut to fit the tray....

If you look to the lower left side you can see the interaction between the tray and the buttress.

I have a special piece that transitions to the curved piece that I carved to the out side.

Then you insert your desired decorative inserts the the inner edges of the tray and hit them with a release.

We used double stick tape to keep the inserts inplace...

The next step is to put some mix in the tray... then mash the spider lath into the mix insuring the proper embedment of the lath and concrete.

Once that is completed you can mix and pour the entire tray...

Vibrate the sides and then wait about 3 - 4 hours so as the cement hang harden up enough to proceed to the next step....

The Next step is to burn with a scoop or a hot knife the out side supports.

This means your going to cut the foam right where sit meets the base wall at the top...

You will cut the underside close to the wall or as close as you can get....

the out side pieces may fall or be held up by the inserts still attached to the outside seat wall.... GENTLY pull away the inserts to free the foam from the rest of the structure and address and bug holes missed in the vibration process.

When mud is ready then you can texturize it with Walt Tools Rollers and Skins :)

Opps this pic shows texturing before we cut the supports SORRY .. got ahead of myself a little bit...

I'll reiterate 

First Texture when mud is ready 

Then Cut Supports  HA

The Next step is to Protect the top while you spray the Structure Coat from HardScape Systems.

I used the latest model from Mortar Sprayer....

The extra piece you see on the bottom is the base for the flower area.... this is just a small piece I added in to make the outside curve look better.

You are completed with the FIRST DAY!!!
I wet down the stone several times before leaving ... we where in the desert you know....

The next day is carving and you all know how to do that....

Piece O Cake Y'All  :)

Wait for the Vids guys.... its hot!

Here is the Team....

Thomas McRichie 


Jody Smith 

Chris Lloyd

Jim Harrington & Vencente Hernandez

Rene Sancho :)

Mike "Big Dog" Powers

Matt Wagner on Far Right - Thank You for your Service brother!

and Vencente's Wife and daughter in middle.

Also On the Team:

Greg Walters

Don Ciesielski

Noland Scheid

Nolie Scheid 

Daniel ( New Son in law ) 

Troy Alhman 

And myself Nathan Giffin

The Whole Artistry Team for the WOC 2015 Event Artistry in Concrete

Foam Billets for the other artistic elements Provided by:


Ask For Jamie and Mention Vertical Artisans

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Comment by Mike Meredith on February 9, 2015 at 6:50pm

Good job, Nate and crew!

Comment by Vicente Hernandez on February 10, 2015 at 2:22am
Amazing experience, great team.!!!
Comment by Nathan Giffin Vertical Artisans on February 10, 2015 at 9:51am

Thanks Mike & Vicente  It was wonderful to participate in and looking for a really good season.


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