Just wondering if anyone has had any work lately. I've noticed that there hasn't been much traffic on this site or the Concrete Artists Network recently. I have been busy with a few small jobs which is great and wanted to see how everyone else is doing!
Good luck!


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No comments on this subject?! I decided to devote some time to a couple of strategic jobs that were trades or reduced pricing. These projects are in HIGH traffic areas with individuals that will take the time to hand out my marketing materials and talk with anyone that asks about the pieces I have done. It sure seems to have paid off now! My phone is ringing, I am having the chance to bid jobs and I am getting really cool jobs! I look forward to see what 2010 brings our way!
Dion has it right. A project or two in highly visible areas will really pay off. Use their "storefront" to be your storefront. Restaurants, gyms, salons, medical offices, are all good choices. Anywhere the paying public uses disposable income. If you approach them with a good deal on the project(which betters their space)in return for some basic PR, you are off and running.

2011 is starting off awesome! One of the projects that I spoke of in an earlier posting on this topic has paid off. I have been contacted by a few people to bid work and I have landed a good size project refacing an older block comerecail building. The building sits on a major blvd in a nearby town, so again this project will have awesome visibility! So as for me, taking the time while it was/is slow to do some high profile projects have paid off for me.


You should try it out and then post for everyone to see how it works for you in your area.

I plan on redoing the front of my own house. It's made of brick but I want it to look like stone. Come spring hopefully people will see and inquire and possibly get some work out of it! I'm going to video the entire process and post them on my page
I plan on doing the same with my house. Just waiting  on the weather. I started late last year and then my wife thru me some curve balls wanted to change the whole scheme we started planning out. But when the weather breaks I will be off and carving!!

Ha! weather is holding me up from doing anything outside as well.

Look forward to seeing the videos

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